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FCLNY creates, implements or participates in diverse public education projects that highlight the effects of publicly sanctioned lethal violence on women and children, co-hosts peer support groups, and develops resource indexes on available services to help meet their needs. 

FCLNY’s Resource Indexes - NY

FCLNY is committed to on-going efforts to address the root causes of publicly sanctioned lethal violence, and educating on life-affirming resources available to distressed women and children in New York.

FCLNY's Resource Indexes are state-wide, hyperlinked directories categorized into 6 NY regions: Buffalo, Rochester Syracuse, Albany, Spring Valley, and NYC.

Click on the Title to explore each Resource Index!

FCLNY's Bread & Bed Resource Index contains nutrition and lodging resources throughout NY including:


  • Food pantries

  • Soup kitchens

  • Family and women's shelter

  • Maternity homes

  • Affordable and transitional housing

FCLNY's Survivors of DVAST Resource Index contains an outline of services for domestic violence and sex trafficking (DVAST) survivors across NY which may include:


  • Shelter

  • Counseling

  • Legal aid

  • Support groups

FCLNY's Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) Index contains linkage to PRC's across NY. PRC services may include:

  • Cribs, strollers, infant and children's car seats

  • Clothing, diapers, food

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Referrals to adoption programs and counseling

FCLNY's Adoption Resource Index contains:


  • Information on services and benefits for prospective birth mothers and adoptive parents

  • A list of NY adoption agencies and NY Department of Social Services (DSS) offices

FCLNY’s Women and Children Resource Fairs

FCLNY raises awareness of local, tangible resources available to vulnerable women and children in NY by partnering with diverse resource providers and outreach efforts.  Resources include affordable & accessible health care and child care, food and shelter assistance, pregnancy help and adoption services. 


Our Resource Fairs are Fun & Informative! Please reach out to volunteer or bring a fair to your area.

FCLNY Conducts Ongoing Resource Outreach throughout the State of New York

Hot line graphic.png

 Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking

Hotline Poster Campaign! 

GOAL #1: Post Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking (DVAST) Hotline Posters in Every Healthcare and Abortion Facility in NY. 

Healthcare providers are "one of the few professionals likely to interact" with victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking (DVAST), women who experience an increased risk of coerced abortions. Survivors of DVAST make up a sizable percentage of abortion clinic clients.

Hotlines help release women from DVAST. 


We need you! We are excitedly building 6 new teams, led by courageous FCLNY supporters across NYS to help us reach our DVAST Hotline Poster goal, and end cycles of violence. 


Please reach out to join a team and help us distribute these vital hotlines. You can also download the posters here. 

NYS DV_Trafficking Hotline Poster.jpg

Goal #2: Help draft and enact NY policies that require all public healthcare and abortion facilities to post DVAST hotline posters.

NY does not require ANY entity to post the DV hotline. NY requires only a limited category of 'healthcare providers' to post the Trafficking Hotline. Many abortion clinics are either not required to post the Trafficking Hotline or fail to, though required by law to do so.


Visit FCLNY's Survivors of DVAST Resource Index for resources for DVAST survivors in NY

Livvic Bold.jpg

The Monarca Project

The MONARCA PROJECT is a monthly peer support group for women impacted by trauma, including

domestic and community violence, abortion, and sexual abuse.  


Monarca aims to educate on various forms and impacts of violent trauma on women,  and to offer women tools and resources to help facilitate their recovery. The peer support group’s purpose is to foster healing and empowerment—

to help break cycles of violence.


“Violence against women… is a major public health problem and a violation of .. human rights.”


The Monarca Project is not a therapy group.  The facilitators are not counselors. They are women who have themselves experienced and recovered from trauma, and are most interested in creating a comfortable atmosphere where healing may occur.  Monarca is a pilot project, launched in WNY. Our hope is for replication of this collaborative project in cities across NY. 




Spread the Word!


To join us, reach out to


Questions or if interested in volunteering, send us an email or give a call.

A Collaborative project of
Angels of Mercy &
Feminists Choosing Life of NY

FCLNY's Emergency Baby Showers & Direct Giveaway Outreach

FCLNY conducts emergency baby showers for women & children in need and provides critically needed infant and children's clothing, baby formula, diapers, strollers, toys etc to low-income families.


Please reach out if you know of a family in urgent need!


Practical Assistance


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