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See our Events Page for a Listing of Upcoming Community Encounters!

FCLNY's Annual Celebration Fundraisers!
See our program booklets! Please consider utilizing the services of our  supporters.   
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FCLNY Participates!

Weaponized Drones Protests, Syracuse, N

Restoration Rochester, Baby Shower, Rochester, NY

Racial Justice Protest Marches, Rochester, Buffalo, NY

Innocence Project, Stop the Executions

March for Life, Washington, DC.

Women’s March,  Washington, DC.

Love Will End Abortion, Planned Parenthood Demonstrations,  Rochester, NY.

Alive from NY! Times Square Anti-Abortion Rally,  NYC. 

Lady Justice Parts - Anti-Abortion Counter-Protest, NYC.

Compass Care Walk for Life,  Rochester, NY.

Bridge to Life Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet,  Great Neck, NY.

Judicial Process Commission 47th Annual Luncheon,  Rochester, NY.

Canterbury Medal of Honor Gala, Becket Fund,  NYC.

The Center for Disability Rights Gala, Rochester, NY.

The Human Life Foundation, Defenders of Life Dinner.

Champions for Justice Bash,  Buffalo, NY.

Children Awaiting Parents Banquet, Rochester, NY. 

NOW- NY Annual Conference, Syracuse,  Glen Cove, NY.

World Beyond Wars- Declaration of Peace. FCLNY Signatory.

Medaille College Job and Internship Fair, Buffalo, NY.

Roberts Wesleyan College Career and Internship Fair, Rochester, NY.

Daemen College Career and Jobs Fair, Buffalo, NY.

Pro-Love Women’s Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, New Orleans, LA.

ECBA's Human Trafficking Seminar: Trafficking in Western New York, Buffalo, NY.

M.K. Gandhi Institute for NonViolence, Medicine for Hate: Cultivating Spaces for Dialogue, Rochester, NY.

Planned Parenthood & NOW-NY, Abortion Rally, and Protest, Rochester, NY.

World Youth Alliance, Emerging Leaders Conference, Modern Identity Crisis, The Person & Bioethics, NYC.

FCLNY Speaks!

Rehumanize Conference on Life, Peace and Justice, Pro-Life Feminism Yesterday & Today, Pittsburg, PA, New York State Peri-Anesthesia Nurses Association Annual Conference, Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty & Feminism: The Quest for Equality,  Pittsford, NY, Roberts Wesleyan College, Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty and Feminism: The Quest for EqualityRochester, NY, Community Health Fair & Women’s Equality Day Rally, Rochester, NY,  March4Life, The Inclusivity of the Pro- Life Movement, Albany, NY, Roberts Wesleyan College, Leadership Luncheon, Strategic Planning to Combat Human Trafficking, Rochester, NY, Queens College, Pro-Life Feminism & the Consistent Life Ethic, NYC, Pro-Life Community Leadership Breakfast, Pro-Life Feminism and the Consistent Life Ethic, Buffalo, NY, Students for Life of America Gala, Pro-Life Feminism and the Consistent Life Ethic, NYC, Gianna Molla Pregnancy Outreach Center Banquet, Feminism, Non-Violence & Equality, Buffalo, NY, 4th Annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference, The Essential Voice of Pro-Life Feminism: Revaluing Life, Connection and Compassion, New Orleans, LA, EMC Frontline, Summit for Life - A Time for Action, Pro-Life Feminism and Non-Violence, NYC, Dartmouth College, Students for Life, The Link between Sex Trafficking and Abortion,  Hanover, NH, Nat’l Conf. of Democrats for Life of America, Perspectives on Recent Pro-Choice Legislation in New York, Lansing, MI,  Thomas More Society’s Annual Dinner, Challenging the Validity of the RHA, Chicago, IL.



FCLNY Hosts!

FCLNY's Annual Legislative Forum, Albany, NY.

FCLNY's Women’s Equality Day Rally, Rochester, NY.

FCLNY's Manhattan Luncheon Fundraiser, NYC.

FCLNY's Seneca Falls, Inspiring Women Fundraiser, Geneva, NY

FCLNY's Whole-Life Feminism Fundraiser, Rochester, NY

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