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All Black Lives Matter Lawn Sign Campaign Overview

Protests and riots are shaking the nation following the death of George Floyd.  While awareness of police brutality and racism have resurfaced in the public arena due to video footage and media coverage, the dehumanization of black lives is far from a new phenomenon. Systemic racism plagues every facet of American society, no institution is left unscathed. From our justice system to our schools and healthcare facilities, racism is deeply entrenched.

As an educational non-profit and member of the Consistent Life Network, FCLNY fights all forms of publicly sanctioned violence through advocacy and social awareness. FCLNY vehemently condemns the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other nonviolent individuals killed by the police each year. We acknowledge that the problem is larger than any one victim and unequivocally oppose the systemic racism that has led to these brutal acts and the feelings of hopelessness and despair they have created. 

During this time of increased awareness of how police violence disproportionately impacts people of color, we must shine light on the systemic nature of racism in America and how it extends beyond police interactions and into the very fabric of our society. FCLNY is committed to working for justice for all people facing oppression, and to promoting the sanctity of ALL black lives. Our hope is that this lawn sign campaign educates the public on systemic racism and inspires people to continue learning about how they can interrupt these systems and become strong allies and agents of change in their communities. Please join us in our efforts to educate our community on systemic racism and move toward a society that embraces an anti-racist mindset, propelling us toward a future where all human life is deeply respected and valued.


We are hoping to raise $10,000 to disseminate thousands of our All Black Lives Matter lawn signs throughout New York State and our nation at large. We partnered with I’m Livin B, a black-owned, local printing company in Buffalo to create our beautifully customized lawn sign design. Also, a portion of the proceeds will benefit organizations that support and empower our Black community. 

Please join in our efforts to raise awareness about systemic racism and support our local community.  The lawn signs are free! But please consider donating to support this fundraiser. Please share with your friends, family, and neighbors!




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