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Please help us SAVE HYDE! The Hyde Amendment is a bipartisan amendment, initially signed into law by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, and supported by President Obama. The HYDE Amendment helps prevent FEDERAL FUNDING OF ABORTION. Studies show that the Hyde Amendment has saved 2,000,000 lives since it was instituted. Please sign one of these petitions if you want to help SAVE HYDE. The  current presidential administration wants to eliminate HYDE. 

Please speak out to SAVE HYDE!
FCLNY is non-partisan, but works with diverse ideological organizations that align with our goals.

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Vote NO- Limited Pregnancy Services Study These bills are likely to adversely impact pro-life NYS Pregnancy Resource Centers because they do not provide or promote abortion services. Women facing unplanned pregnancies need life-affirming options! #A. 5499, #S. 470

Vote YES- Medicaid Coverage for Childbirth. These bills require medicaid coverage for hospital stays 48/96 hours for moms and their newborn babies. #A. 3386, #S. 916

Vote NO- Physician Assisted Suicide. Proposed law allows medical doctors to prescribe lethal amounts of medication for the purpose of ending a patient's life. #A. 4321-A



FCLNY is non-sectarian, but works with diverse religious organizations that align with our goals.




1.  The RHA allows for the on-demand killing of viable unborn children up to 24 weeks of gestation.  Modern medical science is clear that unborn children can be viable (capable of survival outside the womb) as early as 21-22 weeks of gestation.

2. The text of the RHA legalizes later-second and third trimester abortions (after 24 weeks gestation)  to protect a woman’s “HEALTH” without defining health.  Viable unborn children in NY therefore may be aborted for reasons unrelated to a woman's life or physical health, reasons including a woman's age, and familial status. 


3. The RHA fully repealed NYS Public Health Law 4164. This full repeal allows for an infant born alive during an attempted abortion to die without adequate “medical care,” without a 2nd physician present to care for that child. According to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention children are sometimes born alive during later-term induced abortions. 


4. The RHA's full repeal of 4164 also allows for later-second and third trimester abortions to occur in facilities other than hospitals. According to studies, including, Risk Factors for Legal Induced Abortion-Related Mortality in the United States, the "risk of death" for "women obtaining legally induced abortions" "increase[s] exponentially by 38% for each additional week of gestation.”

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Dear NYS State Legislature


The RHA Endangers Women's Lives and Permits the On-Demand Killing of Viable Children in Utero. The NYS Reproductive Health Act is an embarrassment to women and NEW YORK STATE.


We demand that this STATUTE be immediately repealed.




5.  The RHA allows for an undefined group of health care practitioners to perform abortions, including surgical, second and third trimester abortions. Studies show that even mid-level health care providers that perform abortions have higher rates of “incomplete abortion,”  uterine “perforation” and “hemorrhage” than physicians performing abortions. See, Physician Assistants as Providers of Surgically Induced Abortions.


6. The RHA also removed all references to abortion and unborn children from NYS Criminal Law, and by doing so, removed the only prosecutorial tool available for holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for the violent death of wanted unborn children. How could any feminist strip away the right of a woman to prosecute a violent partner for killing her wanted fetus? “Domestic violence is … responsible for increased fetal deaths… .” See, Acknowledging a Persistent Truth: Domestic Violence in Pregnancy. 


7.  Further, the RHA failed to usher in reasonable abortion standards, including (1) notice to a parent of a minor seeking an abortion, including a later-term abortion, (2) wait periods between the abortion decision and the procedure, and (3) the distribution of credible information regarding the potential psychological risks of abortion. US Supreme Court precedent allows States to enact such standards.