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Please help us SAVE HYDE! The Hyde Amendment is a bipartisan amendment, initially signed into law by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, and supported by President Obama. The HYDE Amendment helps prevent FEDERAL FUNDING OF ABORTION. Studies show that the Hyde Amendment has saved 2,000,000 lives since it was instituted.  The  current presidential administration wants to eliminate HYDE. 

FCLNY is non-partisan, but works with diverse ideological and/or religious organizations that align with our goals.

We are currently gearing up to work with Democratic and Republican NY legislators to propose bills during the 2023 legislative session that include:

1.  An abortion related informed consent bill.

2. A bill that requires the tracking, reporting & publishing of abortion complication data.

3. A proposed law that requires every health care facility that accepts Medicaid to post human trafficking and domestic violence hotlines.

Back From the Brink
FCLNY Organizational Signer

Organizational Sign-On Letter in Support of H. Res. 77.

This Resolution Embraces the Goals and Provisions of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

"In short the risk of nuclear war is all too real — perhaps greater than it has been since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 – threatening all of humanity. It’s well past time for the United States and the world to get serious about nuclear disarmament and to take steps to prevent nuclear war and reduce nuclear risks."

Please consider having your organization sign with us.

Medical Aid in Dying Act
Urgent Call to Action

The Medical Aid in Dying Act (MAID) is currently pending in the NYS legislature. 


MAID (A995 /S2445) is lodged in the Health Committees of both NYS legislative chambers.




MAID dehumanizes and devalues the aged, diseased, and disabled. 

MAID normalizes suicide and decriminalizes assisted suicide. 


MAID allows for ‘mentally competent’ ‘terminally ill’ people, beginning at age 18, to request and consume deadly medication that will end their lives. Condoning the violent destruction of human beings is barbaric. Regardless of the pending bills' safeguards, MAID intrinsically allows for abuse and manipulation of vulnerable and suffering individuals.

MAID is a facade to promote suicide as an act of mercy.

According to the National Council on Disability “The evidence strongly suggests that … safeguards are circumvented in ways that are harmful to patients.”

Gallup polling demonstrates that support for assisted suicide is DECLINING. NY’s pending MAID Act goes far out of its way to forbid referencing death by an intentional dose of lethal medication as a suicide, and to protect accomplices of such suicides from criminal prosecution. MAID clearly supports suicide and excuses assisted suicide for a select group of people. Webster’s dictionary defines suicide as “the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.”

MAID destigmatizes the gravity of suicide and undermines the value of human life. MAID is legal in ONLY eleven U.S. jurisdictions including OregonNew MexicoColorado and Montana where suicide is a leading cause of death, including among youth.

“When assisted suicide is legalized it immediately becomes the cheapest treatment.” If health “insurers deny, or even simply delay approval of expensive life-sustaining treatment, patients can be steered toward hastening their deaths.” 

"There is robust evidence, taken from different jurisdictions and using a variety of statistical methods, that the total number of self initiated deaths rises significantly where [Assisted Suicide] is legally available, and strong evidence that this has a greater impact on older women.”

A growing body of research demonstrates that a significant portion of terminally ill patients consider themselves a burden to family and others. The evidence also identifies "self-perceived burden" as a relevant factor in making end of life and death-hastening decisions.


Numerous professional associations and organizations oppose ASSISTED SUICIDE, including, American Medical AssociationWorld Medical Association

National Council on Disability and American Association of People with Disabilities.

Please call and email all THE LEGISLATORS IN THE HEALTH COMMITTEES OF THE NYS SENATE AND ASSEMBLY. Let them know you are a New Yorker and you oppose the passage of 

the Medical Aid In Dying Act (MAID).


(Only participate if you are a NY Registered Voter)

If you live in a district of a health committee member please be sure to say so





Taking one's own life is suicide and helping someone commit suicide is criminal. Progressive societies promote life-affirming solutions, not the violent destruction of human life. 


I am a voting New Yorker and I oppose Medical Aid In Dying.


I urge you to vote against MAID (A995/S2445).






Chair: J. Gustavo Rivera (D) District 33

(518) 455-3395

Email Here

Samra G. Brouk (D) District 55

(518) 455-2215

Email Here

Simcha Felder (D) District 22

(518) 455-2754

Email Here

Brad Holyman Sigal (D) District 47

(518) 455-2451

Email Here

John W. Mannion (D) District 50

(518) 455-3511

Email Here

Rachel May (D) District 48

(518) 455-2838

Email Here

Zellnor Myrie (D) District 20

(518) 455-2410

Email Here

Julia Salazar (D) District 18

(518) 455-217

Email Here

Kevin Thomas (D) District 6 

(518) 455-3260

Email Here

Lea Webb (D) District 52

(518) 455-2170

Email Here

Patrick Gallivan (R) District 60

(518) 455-3471

Email Here

Jacob Ashby (R) District 43

(518) 455-2381

Email Here

Jack M. Martins (R) District 7 

(518) 455-2677

Email Here

Stephen D. Rhoads (R) District 5 

(518) 455-3161

Email Here

Daniel G. Stec (R) District 45

(518) 455-2811

Email Here

Chair: Amy Paulin (D) District 88

(518) 455-5585 

Email Here

Scott Bendett (R) District 107


Email Here

Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn (R) District 42


Email Here

Jake Blumencranz (R) District 15


Email Here

Edward C. Braunstein (D) District 26


Email Here

Marjorie Byrnes (R) District 133


Email Here

Jeffrey Dinowitz (D) District 81


Email Here

Phara Souffrant Forrest (D) District 57


Email Here

Jarett Gandolfo (R) District 7


Email Here

Jessica González-Rojas (D) District 34


Email Here

Scott Gray (R) District 116 


Email Here

Aileen M. Gunther (D) District 100


Email Here

Andrew Hevesi (D) District 28 


Email Here

Josh Jensen (R) District 134  


Email Here

Anna R. Kelles (D) District 125


Email Here

Nikki Lucas (D) District 60 


Email Here

John T. McDonald III (D) District 108


Email Here

David G. McDonough (R) District 14


Email Here

John K. Mikulin (R) District 17 


Email Here

Jenifer Rajkumar (D) District 38 


Email Here

Karines Reyes (D) District 87 


Email Here

Daniel Rosenthal (D) District 27


Email Here

Linda B. Rosenthal (D) District 67


Email Here

Nader J. Sayegh (D) District 90 

518 455 3662

Email Here

Michaelle C. Solages (D) District 22


Email Here


Phil Steck (D) District 110 


Email Here

The RHA Degrades Women and Dehumanizes Children. 

New York enacted the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in January, 2019. This law allows for the killing of viable unborn children, including healthy children in utero, for any reason within 24 weeks of pregnancy. Modern medical science is clear that unborn children can be viable (capable of survival outside the womb) as early as 21 weeks gestation.

The RHA permits killing viable unborn children, including healthy children in utero, during the later-second and third trimester of pregnancy for reasons unrelated to a mother's physical health. In NY, approximately 1,600 unborn children are aborted each year at 20+ weeks gestation. Studies show most later-term abortions are 'elective,' performed on healthy pregnant women and healthy unborn children.

The RHA did away with NY's longstanding fetal homicide law. Because of the RHA it is no longer a separate crime in NY for abusers to kill viable unborn children, including wanted unborn children, in attacks on their mothers. 

The RHA allows for an undefined group of health care practitioners to perform abortions, including surgical, second and third trimester abortions. Studies show that even mid-level health care providers that perform abortions have higher rates of “incomplete abortion,” uterine “perforation” and “hemorrhage” than physicians performing abortions.

The RHA eradicated NY Public Health Law (PHL) 4164, without enacting any form of replacement. In NY, later-second and third trimester abortions can occur in facilities other than hospitals, ambulatory centers or physicians' offices. According to studies, including, Risk Factors for Legal Induced Abortion-Related Mortality in the United States, the "risk of death" for "women obtaining legally induced abortions" "increase[s] exponentially by 38% for each additional week of gestation.”

Further, eliminating PHL 4164 allows for infants who survive abortion to die without adequate "medical care" or without a second physician present to care for that infant. According to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention children are sometimes born alive during later-term induced abortions.  

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