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Re-thinking Dying and End-of-Life Care

The Wellsville Sun


The Assisted Suicide Debate is Back in the Spotlight 



When Inconvenience is a Death Sentence

Olean Times Herald

The Gift of Death

Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Similarities in Restricting Gun, Abortion Industries

Lockport Journal

Niagara Gazette

Providing Free Abortion Pills is Destructive

Democrat & Chronicle

Abortion Pill Distribution Harms Unborn, Mothers

Buffalo News

Enlist NY Abortion Providers To Stop Human Trafficking

Syracuse Post Standard

Revisit Planned Parenthood's In Control

Democrat and Chronicle (newsprint only)

Feedback: Readers Weigh in on Pregnancy Resource Center Coverage

Rochester City Newspaper

Consider History When Thinking of Racism and Abortion

Democrat & Chronicle (newsprint only)

Other Options

NY Daily News

Budget Helps Impoverished Pregnant Women


Peace: Investigating the Meaning of the Consistent Life Ethic During War Time

Buffalo Latino Village (newsprint only)

Old Fight is New Again for Unborn

Albany Times Union

Advances in Science, Medicine Lower the Age of Fetal Viability

Buffalo News

Many Founding Mother's Were Against Abortion

Auburn Citizen

Adding Women to Draft Runs Counter to Principles of Peace

Democrat & Chronicle

Women Deserve Full Information About Abortion Effects 

Washington Examiner

Passing SUNY Abortion Bill Would Be A Mistake

The Democrat & Chronicle

Destroying the Hyde Amendment Could Spell Disaster

For Women

USA Today Network

Bill Would Tip Scales Against Pregnancy Resource Centers

The Buffalo News

Violence, Including Capital Punishment Leaves Us Broken

The Democrat & Chronicle 

Viable unborn children can live without their mothers — our Constitution protects them

USA Today

NY Abortion Law Does not Protect Women

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

New York Fails to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us: Unborn Children

The Democrat & Chronicle 

New York Should not Use Medical Resources on Abortions During Pandemic

The Buffalo News


Why is New York Giving Abortion a Pass During

Coronavirus Crisis?

Syracuse Post Standard

Viewpoint: Sides Agree on Denouncing Commercial Surrogacy

The Albany Times Union

Letter: On Legalized Surrogacy, Just Follow the Money

The Albany Times Union

Planned Parenthood Crying Wolf on Titles X Funding

The Democrat & Chronicle


Treating a Fetus as a Person

New York Times


Viewpoint: RHA — Dangerous, Dehumanizing, and Anti-Woman

Albany Times Union

The Reproductive Health Act is Extreme Pro-Abortion Legislation

New York Daily News

Don’t Expand Abortion in New York

Syracuse Post Standard

New York's Abortion Laws

City Newspaper

Another Voice: Reproductive Health Act Sets Women Back

Buffalo News

Don't let NY Repeal Abortion Safeguards For Women, Babies

Syracuse Post Standard

Calling on the State Senate to Block Bills Expanding Abortion

Niagara Gazette 


Proposed Budget's Changes To Abortion Law Are Extreme

Albany Times Union 

Feminists Choosing Life Will Stand For Women’s Health On Women’s Equality Day

Democrat & Chronicle

Rights Should Apply in Utero, Too

Albany Times Union

Will the NY State Senate Protect Abortion Rights?

The Gothamist

Abortion Multiplies Tragedy of War

Auburn Citizen

Don't Leave Out Pro-life Feminists

The Citizen, Auburn, NY

Will Walk's Message Truly Be Inclusive?

Finger Lakes Times, Finger Lakes, NY

Abortion Is A Cancer To The Feminist Politic

​The Christian Post


We Can’t Allow Oppressive Systems to Co-opt Abolitionist Language


The 2023 Manhattan Witness for Life Featured Egging, Halloween Masks & Creepy Pope Costumes — But That Didn’t Deter Us 


Priest Found Guilty of Blocking Entrance to Abortion Clinic, Faces Prison Time

Catholic News Agency


They're not Religious. But They Oppose Abortion

Christianity Today

Town Rescinds Abortion Zoning Law

Manhasset Press

Anti-Abortion Feminism. How is this even a thing?

Radical Philosophy

For New York's Anti-Abortion Veterans, Roe's Fall Is Not a Full Victory

The New York Times

In New York, Anti-Abortion Centers Outnumber Abortion Clinics

The New York Times

Historic Roe v. Wade Ruling a Momentous Day for Many in Rochester for Different Reasons

Democrat & Chronicle

Weekend News Brief



Pro-life Groups and Politicians Celebrate Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

NY Daily News

Leaked Abortion Opinion Draft Add Fuel To The Fire Of Political Debate Over Roe vs. Wade

Democrat & Chronicle

Viable Unborn Children Can Live Without Their Mothers- Our Constitution Protects Them

The Human Life Review, News BreakDaily Magazine

Viable Fetuses are Protected Under Law

Pehal News 

Actress Colin Speaks at Feminists Choosing Life Event

Finger Lakes Daily News, News Break

Inside the Anti-Abortion Movement's 'Feminist' Quest to End the Pill


Inspiring women: Celebrating their legacy

Finger Lakes Times

New York Fails to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us: Unborn children


New York Bill Would Force All Public Colleges to Offer Free Abortions

Life Site News

New York bill would require taxpayer-funded medical abortions be available to all students at public colleges


New York Introduces Bill To Offer Free Abortion Pills To State University Students On Campus

Activist Mommy

New York Bill Would Force SUNY Schools to Provide Abortion Pill on Campuses

Live Action

Proposed Bill Would Require SUNY Schools to Provide Abortion Pills on Campuses

Rochester First

As Supreme Court Shifts Under Trump, Cuomo Vows to Expand Abortion Rights

The New York Times

Governor Cuomo Support Radical Abortion Agenda



Gov. Cuomo Wants to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right in NY

Family Life


The Reproductive Health Act: Fact v. Fiction

New Yorkers For Life


Will New York Have the Most Liberal Abortion Laws in the World?

National Catholic Register


Delusional Andrew Cuomo Wants to Expand the 'Right' to Kill Your Unborn Child Even Further

The Washington Examiner


New York Gov. Cuomo: No Budget Unless Abortion Made Legal for any Reason until Birth

The Christian Post


NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses to Sign State Budget until Lawmakers Approve Bill Legalizing Abortion for Any Reason until Birth

The Blaze, Fearless News


New York State to Expand State Abortion Law to Allow Some Third-Trimester Procedures

The Washington Times

New York Governor Cuomo Ties State Budget to Passage of Aggressive Abortion Bill

The New American 

New York's Radical Abortion Law Repeals Protections for Wanted Babies, Too

PJ Media


The State of New York Rules that Women Can Get Later Term Abortions for any Reason, and that Killing an Unborn Child is not Murder



Roe Anniversary Protests, 2019

The Consistent Life Ethic Blog

Trafficking and Women’s and Children’s Health: Intervention, Recovery and Prevention

Center For Family & Human Rights 


RHA: How Far is Too Far?

The Queens Village Republican Club, America's Oldest, 1875

Thousands To Come To Seneca Falls On Saturday To Continue Push For Women's Rights

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

Will Women's Marches Include 'Pro-Life' Feminists?
Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY

Stop Calling Violence Feminism: Abortion Kills Human Beings Signage at Washington, DC, US Supreme Court Rally                   

Not Your Mother's Pro-Life Protest


Supreme Court Appears Open to Upholding Mississippi Abortion Restriction

New York Times

Protesters at Supreme Court Square Off Over Abortion

Washington Post

Doctors' scrubs and fetal photos: Protesters and counter protesters gather as Supreme Court debates major abortion case 

Business Insider

Special Edition - Dobbs vs. Jackson

Amicus Brief of 240 Women Scholars and Professionals, and ProLife Feminists Organizations. 

FCLNY Lead Organizational Amici

Why Supreme Court Abortion Decision Empowers Women

Fox News

The Controversial Economics of Abortion Law

Wall Street Journal

Black Women Have Much at Stake in States Where Abortion Access May Vanish


How Changes in Abortion Law Could Impact Community Health


Some Abortion Opponents Make Economic Arguments. They’re In for a Fight

New York Times

Anti-Abortion Activists at Supreme Court Cite an Unlikely Authority for Overturning Roe v. Wade: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Washington Post

'Relic of the past': Why Women Don't Need Roe v. Wade to Flourish Now

USA Today

Mississippi Argues that Abortions are no Longer Necessary Because Women can have Successful Careers Now



Friends of the Court Part II

The Human Life Review

We Read All the Amicus Briefs in Dobbs So You Don’t Have To

Scotus Blog


Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 

A Split Dividing Anti-Abortion Feminists


Why Hundreds of Scientists are Weighing in on a High-Stakes US Abortion Case


Some Other Noteworthy Amicus Briefs in Dobbs Abortion Case

National Review

Dobbs: The Court’s Historic Moment (Part 2)

National Review

Amicus Brief of 240 Women Scholars and Professionals et al.

Center for Arizona Policy

Five Reasons Why the Supreme Court Should Overturn Roe v. Wade

Life News

Overturn Roe v. Wade? Why It Might Happen This Time

CBN News

Female Scholars to SCOTUS: Abortion Deserves No Credit for Women’s Success

Live Action



Local Organizations React to Supreme Court Decision to Expand Access to Abortion Pill



The Future of NY Abortion Pill Access After Federal Court Rulings

Rochester First


Abortion continues to be hot topic on the 50th anniversary of Roe V. Wade


The Impacts of Living in a Post-Roe America

NBC News

What Will It Truly Mean to be "Pro-Life" after Abortion is Banned in many American States


Local Reaction to President Biden's Executive Order Signing

TV News, Channel 10


NYS Lawmakers Vote on Gun, Abortion Measures

TV News, Channel 13

Congressman Joe Morelle Hosts Town Hall on Women's Health and Abortion Rights

TV News, Channel 13

Roe vs. Wade Decision

News 12, The Bronx


Local, Regional Reaction to Roe v. Wade Getting Overturned by SCOTUS

On-line News Video, Finger Lakes, NY


'Stay Out of My House!': Just Part of the Reaction to the Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

TV News, Channel 10


Overturning of Roe v. Wade Causes Whirlwind of Emotions in Western New York

TV News, Channel 13

Officials React to Scotus Roe v. Wade Leak, YouTube


Abortion Divide: Reaction from the Pro-choice, Pro-life Movements

TV News, Channel 7


Planned Parenthood of Central & Western NY Expanding in Anticipation of Roe v. Wade

On-line News Video, Finger Lakes, NY

Hochul Announces $35 Million to Support Abortion Providers

TV News, Channel 10

Abortion Providers in Western NY Prepare to Expand Care to Women From Other States

TV News, Channel 13

Planned Parenthood Rally Held At Parcel Five

TV News, Channel 10

Supreme Court Leak Ignites Local Roe v. Wade Debate

TV News, Channel 13

Pro-life and Pro-Choice Groups React to Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion

TV News, Channel 10

Planned Parenthood Calls Possible Abortion Overturn 'Controlling,' Others Say It Will Re-Humanize

Rochester First

Both Sides In The Abortion Debate React To The Court Leak

TV News Channel 7

Advocacy Groups In WNY Weigh In On Supreme Court Draft Opinion

TV News Channel 4

Stop Calling Violence Feminism: Abortion Kills Human Beings (SIGNAGE)

ABC News, Fox NewsReuters, WTOP News

A Clash of Movements

Spectrum News

Demonstrations: Women’s March

TV News, Channel 10

Feminism and Equal Rights


Poor, Homeless, AND Pregnant


The proposed bill would require SUNY schools to provide abortion pills on campuses

TV News Channels 8, 4

Opposition to the Reproductive Health Act

Rochester First. Com, News Channels 8 & 10

Demonstrators Gather in Rochester to Protest Kavanaugh Nomination

News Partners NBC, News Channel 10

Special Edition - The Women's Alliance Against Violence 

An Initiative of the Thomas More Society created to challenge State laws which incentivize violence against women and children, including children in utero.


FCLNY Serves as an Educational Arm of the Women's Alliance Against Violence. 


Why Andrew Cuomo Faces Lawsuit Over New York's Abortion Law


Lawsuit Alleges New York Abortion Policy Harms Victims of Domestic Violence

The National Review

‘Devastating’: Lawsuit Against New York Claims 2019 Abortion Bill Enables Domestic Violence

Daily Wire

Victims Of Domestic Violence Sue NY State, Say Pro-Abortion Law Not Constitutional

LifeSite News

Women File Lawsuit to Overturn Radical New York Law That Legalized Abortions Up to Birth

Life News

HOT TOPIC: Victims Challenge New York’s Reproductive Health Act in Historic Lawsuit (Thomas More Society)

The Human Life Review

Class action Lawsuit Filed Against New York’s Governor Over Radical Abortion Bill

Live Action

Landmark Lawsuit Challenges New York's Reproductive Health Act

News 69 WFMZ, Yahoo Finance, Associated Press

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against NY Governor, Other State Officials Over Reproductive Health Act

The New American

Lawsuit Says NY Abortion Law Makes Women More Vulnerable to Domestic Abuse - Here's Why

CBN News

Lawsuit Accuses NY Abortion Law Of Helping Domestic Abusers

Daily Caller

Gov. Cuomo faces Lawsuit Over New York’s Controversial Abortion Law

USA Herald

New York Sued Over ‘Dangerous Ambiguities’ In Liberal Abortion Law

The Christian Post

Federal Lawsuit Challenges New York's Abortion Law



Suing NY Reproductive Heath (sic) Act

Relevant Radio

New York’s Controversial Reproductive Health Act

Today's Living Hope

Historic Lawsuit Challenging New York's Reproductive Health Act

Winds of Change, Episode #5578



The Latest on the Abortion Pill 

Family Life Radio

Special Feature- Feminists Choosing Life- At the Washington March

Family Life Radio

A Conversation Discussing the Legal Landscape of a Post-Roe America.

Just Love

Discussing the Future of Abortion in America: Connections.


What Will It Truly Mean To Be Pro-Life After Abortion Banned In Many American States?


NY Limited Pregnancy Centers Study

Ava Maria Radio

Discussing New York's Proposed Reproductive Health Act: Connections

WXXI Radio, NPR  

30 Issues: Reproductive Health Act, Brian Lehrer Show

WNYC Radio, 93.9 FM

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