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Essential Pro-Life Feminist Literature

Primary Resources

Dear Sister Feminist...

Letter between Evelyn Judge & Mary Krane Derr

Essential Pro-Life Feminist Books

Consistent Life:

The Young Advocates Guide to Living Peace and Justice Daily

By Mary Grace Coltharp and Aimee Murphy

Independently Published/September 2018


Gandhi and Non-Violence

By Thomas Merton

New Directions/May 1965


Achieving Peace in the Abortion War

By Rachel MacNair, Ph.D (Feminism and Nonviolent Studies Association)

iUniverse/December 2008


Swimming Against the Tide

By Angela Kennedy

Four Courts Press/June 1997


Dead Man Walking:

An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States

By Helen Prejean, SSJ

Random House/1993


Beyond the Abortion Wars

By Charles C.Camosy

Eerdmans Publishing Co./March 2015



By Sue Ellen Browder

Ignatius Press/2015


All Men are Brothers

By Mahatma Gandhi

Jitendra T. Desai Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 India/ 1960



By Abby Johnson

Ignatius Press/January 2011


Swords into Plowshares

By Art Laffin and Anne Montgomery

Harper and Row/1987


Abortion and Social Justice

Edited by Thomas W. Hilgers and Dennis J. Horan

Sheed and Ward/1972


The Psychology of Peace

By Rachel MacNair, Ph.D

Praeger/November 2011


Defenders of the Unborn:

The Pro-life Movement before Roe V Wade

By Daniel K. Williams

Oxford Press/ January 2016


At Play in the Lion’s Den

By Jim Forest

Orbis/November 2017


Pro-life Feminism: Yesterday and Today

By Rachel MacNair, Mary Krane Derr, Linda Naranjo Huebl

Sulzburger and Graham Publishing Ltd,/ November 1995


Non-Violence in Theory and Practice

By Barry L. Gann and Robert L. Holmes

Waveland Pr. Inc,/ December 2011

Building Bridges:

The Pro-life Movement and the Peace Movement

By Steve Levicoff

Toviah Press/January 2001


Broken Bonds: Surrogate Mothers Speak out

By Jennifer Lahl

Spinifex Press/April 2019


Working for Peace: a Handbook on Practical Psychology

By Rachel MacNair, Ph.D

Impact/ July 2006


American Proverbs about Women

By Lois Kerschen

Greenwood/June 1998


The Party of Death:

The Democrats, the Media, the Courts,

and the Disregard for Human Life

Ramesh Ponnuru

Regnery Publishing/April 2006


Parting the Waters

Taylor Branch

Simon and Schuster/ 1989


The Abolition of Woman

Fiorella Nash

Ignatius Press/July 2018


Gandhi’s Truth: On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence

Erik Erikson

W.W. Norton and Co./April 1993

Jim Wallis on How to Win the War on Poverty

Elise Daniels

Article/January 2014


Rachel Weeping: the Case against Abortion

By James Burtchael

HarperCollins/April 1984


Mairead Corrigan And Betty Williams:

Partners for Peace in Northern Ireland

By George Mitchell and Susan Muaddi Darraj

Chelsea House Publications/October 2006


Women Against Abortion

By Karissa Haugeberg

University of Illinois Press/May 2017


Nothing is Impossible

By Scott Schaeffer Duffy

Haleys/February 2016


Seeds of Peace: A Catalogue of Quotations

By Jeanne Larson and Madge Micheels-Cyrus

New Society Publishers/October 1986


Handbook for Conscientious Objectors

By Robert Seeley

Central Committee for Conscientious Objection/1981


The Non-Violent Alternative

By Thomas Merton

Farrarr, Straus, Giroux/June 1981


Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

By Rachel MacNair, Ph.D.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform/May 2016


Segregation’s Science: Eugenics and Society in Virginia

By Gregory Michael Dorr

University of Virginia Press/March 2018


Active Non-Violence: The Way of Personal Peace

By Gerard A Vanderhaar

Wipf and Stock/September 2013

Consistently Opposing Killing:

From Abortion to Assisted Suicide, the Death Penalty, and War

Edited by Rachel MacNair and Stephen Zunes

Praeger/April 2008

Resisting Throwaway Culture

By Charles C. Camosy

New City Press/May 2019

Wholistic Feminism:

Healing the Identity Crisis Caused by the Women's Movement

By Leah A. Jacobson

Lumen Press/June 2021

The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision

By Erika Bachiochi

University of Notre Dame Press/July 2021

The Family Roe

By Joshua Prager

W. W. Norton & Company/September 2021

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