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Women Don't Deserve the Death Penalty for Obtaining Legal or Illegal Abortions

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FCLNY is extremely grateful for the opinions offered and invite others to submit essays to:

FCLNY recognizes that within the community of subscribers to the consistent life ethic there is a diversity of views as to how this ethic might be implemented in culture, philosophy and law. Not all views necessarily hinge on FCLNY’s opposition to publicly-sanctioned lethal violence. Some may expand that view. Others may narrow that view.

Our open blog allows FCLNY supporters and guest essayists to explore these differences in order to achieve greater understanding between peers and within our communities.


Proposed South Carolina Equal Protection Act of 2023 Response by Margaret Smerbeck, Feminists Choosing Life of New York, Supporter I am still shaking my head in disbelief regarding a proposed South Carolina bill advocating the death penalty for women who’ve had abortions. Anyone who believes in a consistent life ethic should be outraged at this hypocrisy. SC Rep. Rob Harris, the bill’s author, stated, “If we define it as life…it needs to be protected like any other life.” Harris should apply that same definition of life to those he claims the state condemn to death. Protecting human life from womb to tomb includes death row inmates. While we’re at it, examine the shamefully disproportionate percentage of people of color on death row. Lack of adequate representation, racial profiling and overall resources lead to this discrepancy. Can we possibly take a break from the endless debate of laws and rights and find more ways to support life choices of those already marginalized? We can’t even come close to calling our country “great” if even just one state has the death penalty.


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