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Feminists Adamantly Oppose Passage of New York’s Proposed “Equal Rights Amendment”

March 27, 2024

Media Contact: D.J Robinson, Michele Sterlace 716 864 1454


ROCHESTER, NY —   In just about seven short months, a controversial state constitutional ‘equal rights’ amendment, impacting parents and children, will be on the ballot in New York, November 5, 2024. Proponents of NY’s ballot measure claim they’re most concerned about protecting reproductive rights, that the amendment is all about that tried and true blue term : “abortion access.” 

NY’s proposed ERA, however, goes much further than simply protecting abortion rights. The amendment includes, among other things, the fundamental right of minor children to obtain abortions, including chemical and second and third trimester abortions, as well as a child’s fundamental right to engage in transgender medical interventions. 

The ERA also empowers Courts to either nullify current or future state laws that require parental notice or consent or to validate state laws that ignore parental notice or consent for these and other life ending or life altering procedures.

“You don’t need a law degree to understand how this vaguely written amendment erodes parental rights and hurts children,” states D.J. Robinson, Advisory Board Director of Feminists Choosing Life of New York, a human rights organization that promotes pro-life feminism and the consistent life ethic. FCLNY is also an organizational endorser of the Coalition to Protect Kids-NY, a ballot issue committee purposed to defeat NY’s proposed ERA at the ballot box on general election day.  

“The proposed so called Equal Rights Amendment potentially provides the court system and public schools in NY with more power than parents to determine what is best for their children,” states Michele Sterlace, Executive Director of FCLNY.  “The amendment threatens to deprive parents of crucial opportunities to help their own kids navigate the most difficult circumstances a minor may face; an unplanned pregnancy or gender confusion,” she adds.

“Rather than enshrine ‘freedom and equality’ the ERA hurts children and families,” claims FCLNY’s Board President, Cecelia Lester. “All one needs to do is to look at how Europe has backed away from providing these treatments to children which can have devastating life long effects. No child should be taking medications or having surgeries without their parents’ knowledge and consent. NY is already outdated in its thinking on this,” says Lester.

“At the very least scientific uncertainty exists regarding the short and long term impacts of abortion on pregnant minors, as well as the effects of transgender medical interventions on children,” states Sterlace.  “We owe our children, born and unborn,  far more than constitutionally crystallizing rights that will or may harm them, or at minimum where data is lacking regarding impacts, especially when parents, fathers and mothers, are cut from the equation.”

According to NY’s most recently published vital statistics on abortion over a five year period, more than six thousand abortions occur on females 20 years old and younger, on average annually. Thousands of those undergoing these abortions are minors 17 years old and younger. More than six thousand later or second and third trimester abortions occur in NY on average annually. 

  • Studies reporting on the impacts of abortion on minors are sparse. Even the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthoods research arm states, further study of the “potential risks and benefits” of abortions on minors “is needed.” Relevant published data however does demonstrate that:  “When compared to adult women, adolescents obtain abortions at a later gestational age--a factor that increases both the psychological and medical risks of the procedure.”

  • Studies reporting on the impacts of transgender medial interventions on minors is even more sparse. While its reported that about forty thousand children in the U.S. suffer from gender dysphoria— comprehensive evidence and professional consensus is missing regarding the impacts and safety of transgender interventions for minors

NY already contains replete state statues that protect abortion access and gender expression. See NY’s Reproductive Health Act and NY’s Human Rights Laws, to name only a few.

“It’s time we move forward and not backwards regarding ‘rights.’ Until we recognize the paramount role of motherhood, of parenthood, all people are at risk of exploitation,” states FCLNY’s Vice President, Carol Crossed. 


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