New York Fails to Protect the Most Vulnerable Among Us: Unborn Children

The Democrat & Chronicle 


Why is New York Giving Abortion a Pass During Coronavirus Crisis?

Syracuse Post Standard

Viewpoint: Sides Agree on Denouncing Commercial Surrogacy

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Letter: On Legalized Surrogacy, Just Follow the Money

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Planned Parenthood Crying Wolf on Titles X Funding

The Democrat & Chronicle


Treating a Fetus as a Person

New York Times


Viewpoint: RHA — dangerous, dehumanizing, and anti-woman

Albany Times Union

The Reproductive Health Act is extreme pro-abortion legislation

New York Daily News

Don’t expand abortion in New York

Syracuse Post Standard

New York's Abortion Laws

City Newspaper

Another Voice: Reproductive Health Act sets women back

Buffalo News

Don't let NY repeal abortion safeguards for women, babies

Syracuse Post Standard

Calling on the State Senate to block bills expanding abortion

Niagara Gazette 


Proposed budget's changes to abortion law are extreme

Albany Times Union 

Feminists Choosing Life Will Stand For Women’s Health On Women’s Equality Day

Democrat & Chronicle

Rights Should Apply in Utero, Too

Albany Times Union

Abortion Multiplies Tragedy of War

Auburn Citizen

Don't Leave Out Pro-life Feminists

The Citizen, Auburn, NY

Will Walk's Message Truly Be Inclusive?

Finger Lakes Times, Finger Lakes, NY

Abortion Is A Cancer To The Feminist Politic

​The Christian Post



As Supreme Court Shifts Under Trump, Cuomo Vows to Expand Abortion Rights

The New York Times

Governor Cuomo Support Radical Abortion Agenda



Gov. Cuomo Wants to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right in NY

Family Life


The Reproductive Health Act: Fact v. Fiction

New Yorkers For Life


Will New York Have the Most Liberal Abortion Laws in the World?

National Catholic Register


Delusional Andrew Cuomo Wants to Expand the 'Right' to Kill Your Unborn Child Even Further.

The Washington Examiner


New York Gov. Cuomo: No Budget Unless Abortion Made Legal for any Reason until Birth

The Christian Post


NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses to Sign State Budget until Lawmakers Approve Bill Legalizing Abortion for Any Reason until Birth

The Blaze, Fearless News


New York State to Expand State Abortion Law to Allow Some Third-Trimester Procedures

The Washington Times

New York Governor Cuomo Ties State Budget to Passage of Aggressive Abortion Bill

The New American 

New York's Radical Abortion Law Repeals Protections for Wanted Babies, Too

PJ Media


The State of New York Rules that Women Can Get Later Term Abortions for any Reason, and that Killing an Unborn Child is not Murder



Roe Anniversary Protests, 2019

The Consistent Life Ethic Blog


RHA: How Far is Too Far?

The Queens Village Republican Club, America's Oldest, 1875

Thousands To Come To Seneca Falls On Saturday To Continue Push For Women's Rights

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

Will Women's Marches Include 'Pro-Life' Feminists?
Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY

Thousands To Come To Seneca Falls On Saturday To Continue Push For Women's Rights

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

Will Women's Marches Include 'Pro-Life' Feminists?

Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY


Feminism and Equal Rights


Poor, Homeless, AND Pregnant


The proposed bill would require SUNY schools to provide abortion pills on campuses


30 Issues: Reproductive Health Act, Brian Lehrer Show


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Opposition to the Reproductive Health Act



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Connections: Discussing New York's Proposed Reproductive Health Act


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Demonstrators Gather in Rochester to Protest Kavanaugh Nomination


News Channel 10 


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