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As Supreme Court Shifts Under Trump, Cuomo Vows to Expand Abortion Rights

The New York Times

Governor Cuomo Support Radical Abortion Agenda



Gov. Cuomo Wants to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right in NY

Family Life


The Reproductive Health Act: Fact v. Fiction

New Yorkers For Life


Will New York Have the Most Liberal Abortion Laws in the World?

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Delusional Andrew Cuomo Wants to Expand the 'Right' to Kill Your Unborn Child Even Further.

The Washington Examiner


New York Gov. Cuomo: No Budget Unless Abortion Made Legal for any Reason until Birth

The Christian Post


NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses to Sign State Budget until Lawmakers Approve Bill Legalizing Abortion for Any Reason until Birth

The Blaze, Fearless News


New York State to Expand State Abortion Law to Allow Some Third-Trimester Procedures

The Washington Times

New York Governor Cuomo Ties State Budget to Passage of Aggressive Abortion Bill

The New American 

New York's Radical Abortion Law Repeals Protections for Wanted Babies, Too

PJ Media


The State of New York Rules that Women Can Get Later Term Abortions for any Reason, and that Killing an Unborn Child is not Murder



Roe Anniversary Protests, 2019

The Consistent Life Ethic Blog


RHA: How Far is Too Far?

The Queens Village Republican Club, America's Oldest, 1875

Democrat & Chronicle

Feminists Choosing Life Will Stand For Women’s Health On Women’s Equality Day

While some feminists are engaging in rallies across the U.S. on Women’s Equality Day to protest Trump’s recent nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, other feminists are not.  Instead, pro-life feminists, including Feminists Choosing Life of New York (FCLNY), are raising public awareness of women’s health needs and working hard to help address them. FCLNY, for example, is participating in a Community Health Fair and rally, in downtown Rochester, to commemorate Women’s Equality Day. The fair offers free blood pressure and cholesterol screenings and diabetes education. Continue reading article here...

Albany Times Union

Rights Should Apply in Utero, Too

Dec. 10 marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration proclaims the inherent dignity and equality of "all members of the human family." Continue reading article here...

Auburn Citizen

Abortion Multiplies Tragedy of War

Abortion advocates are seeking to advance the idea that women have a “right” to abortion, based on humanitarian law. The United Nations continues to grapple with whether or not to formally include "access to abortion" as a "humanitarian right," in UN Humanitarian Resolutions. Distorting the laws of war to include such a right would have significant ramifications for groups providing aid in war torn areas. Continue reading article here...

"Will these speakers represent the diversity of feminism? Will a pro-life feminist voice ring alongside a pro-choice sister from the park’s podium- to not only promote women’s equality, but the hope of finding common ground around abortion, one of the most divisive issues women face today?"  To continue reading click here...

"The early American feminists, who fought hard for the right to vote, didn't agree on every issue. They were a diverse group that utilized diversity to find common ground. Quoting Abraham Lincoln, Gov. Cuomo stated in his 2018 State of the State Address: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Cuomo further claimed: “The New York way is to believe diversity is not a liability,” but the “exact opposite;” that “internal divisions are a cancer to our body politic.”  Click here to continue reading...

Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

"I think, historically, in terms of the women's rights movement you had a tremendous amount of diversity among the early feminists," Sterlace-Accorsi said. "Instead of quashing diversity, they embraced it."  Click here to continue reading...

"Feminism contains diversity. Hence the need for inclusivity. Pro-life feminists, akin to several of the leaders of the American Women's Rights movement, recognize abortion as an instrument of oppression rather than empowerment. Unlike pro-choice feminists, pro-life feminists see abortion as an impediment to women's progress, not a vessel for equality."  Click here to continue reading...

Women's Equality Marches are set to occur throughout the nation this week. There exists concerns, however, among human rights coalitions that none of the speakers at the marches will represent pro-life feminism. The women's marches appear centered around a dislike for President Trump and the issues that continue to plague women, such as sexual harassment. But the Women's March in Seneca Falls is slated as non-partisan and inclusive. Will the Seneca Falls march truly be inclusive as promoted?  Click here to continue reading...

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MAY 7, 2018 WXXI Connections - Evan Dawson, Aimee Murphy
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Feminism and the Pro-life Movement



MAY 7, 2018

"A new short film stakes a claim about feminism and the pro-life movement. Pro-Life Feminist tells the story of several women who consider themselves ardent feminists, and also passionate opponents of abortion. Monday night, the Brighton Memorial Library will show the film at 7 p.m.

One of the activists featured in the film is in Rochester for the event, and she joins us in studio, alongside a professor of gender studies who takes a different view about reproductive rights."

For full program information, please visit WXXI Connections


Proposed bill would require SUNY schools to provide abortion pills on campuses



DECEMBER 6, 2019

Poor, Homeless, AND Pregnant



OCTOBER 28, 2019

Feminism and Equal Rights


MARCH 7, 2019

Opposition to the Reproductive Health Act


JANUARY 14, 2019

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