Past Events

  • 2018

Social Media Mondays

FCLNY creates and implements an on-going social media campaign for Facebook and Instagram.

Beginning in January 2018.

ACTIVITY TYPE: Social Media Involvement

1st of January 2018         


Per-Sister's March in Seneca Falls

"Per-Sister's Seneca Falls Women's March" in Seneca Falls, NY

Activity Type: Community Encounter

19th of January 2018


News Coverage

FCLNY Interview Channel 10 News, Seneca Falls, NY. January 2018.

Activity Type: Media Appearances

19th of January 2018


Ithaca March for Life

19th of January 2018


SBA Annual Luncheon

Susan B. Anthony Birthday Luncheon.

Activity Type: Community Encounter

13th of February 2018


SBA Birthday Event in Adams, MA

Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum and the Adams, MA Historical Society hosted their annual Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration. "Diamonds: Unbreakable. Brilliant. Rare. - A Ballet to Honor Historic Women"

Activity Type: Community Encounter

18th of February 2018


Sunday Salons: Time for Pro-life & Pro-Choice Feminists to Dialogue.
The event occurs quarterly, beginning February 2018 in Rochester, NY.

Activity Type: Scholarly Event

28th of February 2018


The Great ‘Mock’ Debate: Pro-life vs. Pro-Choice.

Hosted by: Why Life Ministries and Grace in Community Church Alden, NY. Moderated by FCLNY

Activity Type: Scholarly Event

3rd of March 2018

NYS Regional Gathering (NYSRG)

FCLNY hosts NYS Regional Gatherings (NYSRG) of FCLNY supporters and potential supporters.

The event occurs quarterly. The first NYSRG occurred in Western New York, March 4th.

4th of March 2018


 Rochester Catholic Women's Conference

FCLNY will be represented at the Rochester Catholic Women’s Conference. Rochester, NY.

Activity Type: Scholarly Event

10th of March 2018     


Momentum Gala - SFLA

Gather with FCLNY supporters at the Students for Life of America's Momentum Gala.

Activity Type: Community Encounter

21st of March 2018


Annual Lobby Day

FCLNY meets with NYS legislators and executives and provides prepared educational materials:

 Press release and memo. The published piece, Guest View, Niagara-Gazette.

Type of Activity: Legislative Advocacy

22nd of March 2018 


Seeing the Unseen, A Seminar on Human Trafficking, Bath, NY

Activity Type: Film Involvement

24th of March 2018


News Coverage

FCLNY, interview Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin Spectrum News, Albany, NY.

Activity Type: Media Appearances

28th of March 2018


Chemung Valley 4 Life Community Outreach

Keynote Address: Michele Sterlace-Accorsi, FCLNY Executive Director Elmira, NY

Activity Type: Scholarly Event

29th of March 2018


WXXI Radio Panel Discussion

Executive Director Michele Sterlace-Accorsi and FCLNY Board member Caroline Bennett participate in a live panel discussion.
National Public Radio Rochester, NY

Activity Type: Media Appearances

13th of April 2018


Northern Westchester & Putnam Center for Life’s Annual Conference

Keynote Address: "Pro-life Feminism, the Consistent Life Ethic & Abortion"

Michele Sterlace-Accorsi, FCLNY Executive Director

14th of April 2018


Judicial Process Commission Luncheon

“From Prison to Recovery” Keynote Speaker:

Ms. Susan Burton Founder and Director of a New Way of Life Reentry Project Temple B’rith Kodesh

25th of April 2018


Sunday Salons: Time for Pro-life & Pro-Choice Feminists to Dialogue.

The event occurs quarterly, beginning February 2018 in Rochester, NY.

Type: Scholarly Event

28th of April 2018


Medical Ethics Conference

The Finger Lakes Guild Conference Henrietta, NY Catholic Perspectives on Modern Day Health Care Catholic Medical Guild

5th of May 2018


Film Screening of "Pro-Life Feminist" & Discussion

Rehumanize International founder Aimee Murphy visited Rochester, New York for a special screening of "Pro-Life Feminist." The film, written and produced by Jim Hanon at Brighton Memorial Library

7th of May 2018


Trafficking and Women’s and Children’s Health: Intervention, Recovery and Prevention

FCLNY's executive director provides input on Sex Trafficking and Coerced Abortion, Washington, D.C.

SPEAKERS Tanya Street, Survivor, Member, President’s National Advisory Council on Trafficking;

Dr. Donna Harrison, Ob-Gyn, President, AAPLOG; Dr. Yaro Garcia, Clinical Psychologist, Florida Gulf Coast University Hope Green, Survivor and Service Provider; Dean Nelson, Pastor, National Outreach Director, Human Coalition Cynthia Collins, Founder, Speak Hope; Chuck Donovan, President, Charlotte Lozier Institute; Betty McDowell, Heartbeat International, TIP Training Pregnancy Resource Centers; Marlene Carlson, Survivor and Service Provider; Laura Lederer, J.D., President, Global Centurion Foundation;

Michele Sterlace-Accorsi, Feminists Choosing Life of New York

17th of May 2018


March for Life New York, Albany, NY

4th of June 2018


Susan B Anthony Luncheon

 Rochester, NY

18th of June 2018


Community Health Fair and Screening

25th of August 2018


Women's Equality Day

26th of August 2018


Lunch with Margaret Colin

Celebrate Pro-Life Feminism & the Consistent Life Ethic

An exciting luncheon fundraiser featuring Stage and Screen Actor- Margaret Colin

20th of September 2018


Obstacles at Fringe Festival

Mossa Dance Presents – Obstacles, SOTA POPS Fringe Festival 2018

School of the Arts 45 Prince Street

20th of September 2018


Anti-drone warfare action, Syracuse AFB

Activity Type: Grassroots Campaign

29th of September 2018


Rediscovering Douglass

A Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Event

29th of September 2018 


M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

8th Annual Open House and B-Day Celebration of Gandhi at the M.K. Gandhi Institute.

30th of September 2018


13th Annual McAuley Award Dinner

Carol and Richard Crossed are 2018 Recipients of the McAuley Award! Congratulations!!

2nd of October 2018


The Human Life Review's Great Defender of Life Dinner

Support the INCREDIBLE Human Life Review!

4th of October 2018


Confronting Systematic Racism: Listening to Voices for Racial Justice symposium

Presented by PAX Christi.

6th of October 2018


Abolish the Death Penalty World Day 10.10

Witness to Innocence members -- exonerated survivors of death row -- are fighting to restore justice to our broken system: abolish the death penalty, prevent wrongful convictions, and secure fair compensation for those who were wrongfully sentenced to death.

10th of October 2018


FCLNY's 1st Fall Book Club

MacNair's book: Achieving Peace in the Abortion War

11th of October 2018        


Rehumanize International Conference

Rehumanize Conference, at 3 pm on Pro-Life Feminism.

13th of October 2018


Lecture Series: Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty and Feminism: The Quest for Equality

Global Centurion and FCLNY Present an NYS College and University Lecture Series, titled:

Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty and Feminism: The Quest for Equality 

19th of October 2019


Lecture on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia with Dr. Stan Bukowski

Please join us as we listen and learn about assisted suicide and euthanasia

26th of October 2018


Western New York Peace Center- Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Meeting

WNY Peace Center: Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Meeting: Organizing to raise awareness about systemic racism.

4th of November 2018   2018-11-04         


Days in the Square

FCLNY implements NYS regional: Days in the Square- engaging the public - grassroots.
10th of November 2018 2018-11-10         


Veterans for Peace

11th of November 2018@ 10:00 - 12:00 2018-11-1110:00 - 12:00              


FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum

FCLNY is attending Feminists for Life's (FFL) Pregnancy Resource Forum.

12th of November 2018


Film Screening: Anote's Ark

A 2018 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection, Anote's Ark

A story about climate change, migration, the people of Kiribati, and their former president, Anote Tong.
Sponsored by the UR Department of Anthropology. The University of Rochester.

13th of November 2018


FCLNY Educational Neighborhood Canvass Drives

FCLNY implements annual educational Neighborhood Canvasses-Beginning November 2018.
Activity Type: Grassroots Campaigns

17th of November 2018


Prevent Nuclear War Conference

Join FCLNY and the Consistent Life Network at a National Conference organized to raise awareness about the dangers of
nuclear weapons and anti-nuke mobilization efforts.

17th of November 2018


Ann Wright: Insights on Peace and War

Former US Diplomat and US Army Colonel shares her international experience with resisting war, among other topics.

27th of November 2018


2018 Heart Gallery Luncheon. Children Awaiting Parents: Lift the Weight

27th of November 2018


CNY Solidarity: Syracuse Peace Council

Join us to call for an end to the illegal and immoral killing of human beings by weaponized drones, which are piloted remotely from the base.

4th of December 2018


Friends of Night People: Annual Christmas Benefit

Friends of Night People, a soup kitchen in Buffalo, NY, was established in 1969.

8th of December 2018     


  • 2019

Video Series: Pro-life Feminism and the Consistent Life Ethic: The Value of All Human Life

FCLNY presents an original video series, Pro-life Feminism, and the Consistent Life Ethic: The Value of All Human Life.

10th of January 2019         


CNY Solidarity Coalition: Sandwich Saturday, If We Eat They Eat.

Lincoln Middle School, 1613 James St, Syracuse, NY 13203, USA

12th of January 2019


Feminists for Life: Georgetown University

FFL President Serrin Foster to speak in Georgetown University panel discussion - January 15 @ 7:00 pm

15th of January 2019

March for Life 46th Annual Meeting at the National Mall

18th of January 2019


Students for Life of America National Conference

FCLNY is attending the SFLA National Conference. Come join us!

19th of January 2019


Feminists for Life

Feminists for Life FFL President Serrin Foster to Speak at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

19th of January 2019


GC-FCLNY Symposium, Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty & Feminism: The Quest for Equality

GC-FCLNY Symposium presented to the Pharmacy Technology Program at Vincennes University

22nd of January 2019


Emerging Leaders Conference: The Modern Identity Crisis: The Human Person and Bioethics

The conference will examine developing bioethics issues such as surrogacy, euthanasia, and abortion through the lens of human dignity. The conference will take place at Fordham University

25th of January 2019   

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Campaign Training Session and International Conference

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is co-sponsoring Stopping Assisted Suicide in Your State

25th of January 2019


FCLNY Sunday Salons

Sunday Salons offers the opportunity to truly understand and be understood on the topics of feminism and abortion. Salons are not debates. There is no expectation to change anyone's point of view. We believe that to achieve peace in our society we must understand beliefs outside our own and refine our own perspectives.

29th of January 2019


National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: Execution Protests

National Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty 90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong.
We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.

30th of January 2019    


National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: Execution Protest

NATIONAL COALITION TO ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY 90 million Americans believe the death penalty is wrong. We mobilize them to end the death penalty state by state.

7th of February 2019


GC-FCLNY Symposium, Sex Trafficking, Female Poverty & Feminism: The Quest for Equality

GC-FCLNY Symposium presented at the New York State Peri-Anesthesia Nurses Association 2019 Annual Conference.

9th of February 2019


Abolition of Woman. FCLNY Book Club

Please join us for a rich discussion of pro-life feminism. The Abolition of Woman is a must-read for every feminist! Refreshments provided.

12th of February 2019             


Feminism and Non-Violence: FCLNY High School Panel Discussions

Discussions explore historical and contemporary definitions and theories of feminism and non-violence and the impacts of systemic violence on women in the U.S. Activity Type: Scholarly Event

15th of February  2019


Life Matters Worldwide: Our Journey, Annual Banquet

Become educated about current pro-life topics worldwide.

14th of March 2019

2nd Annual NYC Luncheon Fundraiser

FCL cordially invites you to join us for our 2nd Annual NYC Luncheon Fundraiser featuring FCL's Honorary Chair, stage and screen actor, Margaret Colin. We also feature Christen Civiletto, Esq. and Eileen Rohan, Esq.

Feminists Choosing Life at Dartmouth College: An Encounter with Pro-Life Feminism

Feminists Choosing Life of New York's own Executive Director Michele Sterlace-Accorsi will be speaking to Dartmouth's Students for Life group, speaking on Pro-Life Feminism and addressing the link between sex trafficking and abortion.

6th of November 2019


Women March in Seneca Falls 2020

Women March in Seneca Falls 2020 Weekend is an inclusive, non-partisan 3-day event to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. This January event is to inspire all Americans to take an active role in democracy: encouraging eligible voters to “get out the vote” in this centennial year; commemorating the historic 700+ global women’s marches of 2017; honoring the legacy of women in leadership from Haudenosaunee Clan Mothers (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy) to today’s activist of all ages, smashing glass ceilings, and to champion Gen Z girls & Millennial young women.

17th- 19th of January 2020

For more information, registration, or event sponsorship, please email


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